Previously Unknown HOFer Hughie Jennings T206 Variety Discovered by RoundTable Trading

(Marietta, Georgia) October 6, 2021 — A previously unreported T206 Lenox Brown “both hands showing” card of Hall of Fame player Hughie Jennings is attracting strong bidding in a Memory Lane auction


( that ends this Saturday, October 9, 2021.


It was recently discovered by Rob Oberth of RoundTable Trading ( among a fresh collection of T206 cards brought to his store in Marietta, Georgia.


Now certified PSA Authentic, online bidding for the card in the Memory Lane auction already is over $6,600. No other example is listed in either the PSA or SCG population reports.


“As I began examining the collection it just jumped right out at me and seemed to have an interesting look. Given the rarity of such a unique card to even exist, I wasn’t entirely sure it was real,” recalled Oberth who oversees the exclusive dealer-only Facebook group, Card Dealers Helping Card Dealers (


He posted the card for the Facebook group members to view and asked for opinions. One of the responses came from Daniel Wulkan of Memory Lane who said, “This is a first of its kind. Rarely do we see a card of this nature enter the market.”


The auction lot (#229) description states: “…this extraordinary T206 Brown Lenox Hughie Jennings ‘Both Hands Showing’ PSA ‘Authentic’ offering resides as one of the rarest tobacco cards on the planet.”


Card Dealers Helping Card Dealers is a private Facebook group for sports and trading card dealers and other industry professionals to conduct transactions and share information. It currently has over 300 members who were allowed to join only after a careful admissions process. Dealers interested in applying for membership can call 1-866-872-3304 or email


Memory Lane is one of the leading dealers of sports memorabilia in the country and is both a PSA Authorized Dealer and SGC Authorized Dealer. For more information, visit

350 year old 1656 cromwell pattern broad

Heritage Auction to Feature 1656 Cromwell Pattern Broad Dating Back 350 Years

The August ANA Auction, No. 3085, Heritage Auction will feature a rare 1656 Cromwell Pattern Broad. Considering its historical context, this is an extremely rare piece.


The execution of King Charles I marked the end of the English Civil war in 1649. This marked the beginning of the Commonwealth of England, with Oliver Cromwell servicing as its Lord Protector.


Cromwell was a staunch Puritan, set about transforming the face of the land to match his ideals. This included canceling Christmas celebrations. One of the things Cromwell is well remembered for is hating what he considered “decadence”, including the monarchy. Cromwell even declines the crown when it was offered to him.


During the Commonwealth period, the Puritan and anti-monarchist feeling is visible in their coins. They bore no likeness to the King or Queen and included only English legends instead of Latin. Many people considered English legends to be rather plain compared to earlier ones.


These rare patterns of the period were struck in gold as possible trial pieces in 1656. The “Broad” denomination was a precursor to the later-adopted Guinea.


A similar coin was described by a catalog as by saying “Cromwell’s portrait is prominently centered on the obverse and depicted with a laureate wreath, the Classical symbol of emperorship; circling his likeness are his Latin titles, whilst the reverse bears his personal motto PAX QVÆRITVR BELLO, “peace is sought by war.”


Putting a crown atop the reverse shield was a bizarre choice. Cromwell refused this iconic symbol of the English monarchy.


From a numismatic and historical perspective, every facet of this coin is anti-Cromwellian, making it even more fascinating. Whether Oliver Cromwell accepted the coin or not, this piece is impressive.


Coins like the 1656 Cromwell Pattern Broad have recently sold for around $50,000. This shows that pieces for the period following the British Civil War are highly sought after, and this particular piece should receive a lot of attention when it comes up for auction.


If you would like to learn more about the 1656 Cromwell Pattern Broad and the August ANA World Coins Auctions, please visit the Heritage Auctions website.


2020 ANA College Scholarships Announced

ANA Scholarships


Please join RoundTable Trading in congratulating the recipients of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) 2020 college scholarships! The winners are Abigail Zechman of Clermont, FL; and Colin Feitl from Hebron, KY.


Both Abigail and Colin will receive a $1,000 scholarship to use toward tuition at the institution of their choice.

“The annual scholarship is an opportunity for the American Numismatic Association to expand on its core mission of education through higher learning,” said Rod Gillis, ANA education director.


“There were many qualified candidates but the commitment of these two young people to numismatics is unparalleled. We are most proud of their accomplishments and are happy to help with their educational endeavors.”


Both recipients are eligible to receive the scholarship for up to four years.


Abby Zechman has been collecting for eight and a half years and her interests have narrowed to Large cents and “Red Books”.


“I am 12 books short of a full data set of ‘Red Books,’ and I enjoy picking up raw Large cents when I find one that catches my eye at a show,” said Zechman. “I am assembling a date set collection of Large cents in nice condition, however, I am always drawn to old, beat up or counter stamped coppers – they have more of a story.”


Zechman has already earned half of her Associate of Arts degree at Lake Sumter State College. She plans to finish her degree before transferring to the University of Central Florida to complete her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education.


Upon graduation, Zechman intends to use her degree to work for the American Numismatic Association.

“I want to work in the education department teaching kids and others about numismatics,” she said. “I have always had a passion for teaching and the ANA has had a huge impact on my life. I want to be part of that for future collectors and help keep our hobby alive.”


The second scholarship recipient, Colin Feitl, has been collecting since he was a toddler – picking up coins wherever he found them – the beach, parking lot, sidewalks, and more. In sixth grade, he went to his first coin show and formally started several collections from there.


Colin Feitl, the second college scholarship recipient, has been collecting since he was a toddler. Wherever he found coins, Feitl would pick them up, whether it was at the beach, a parking lot, or sidewalks. Feitl attended his first coin show during the sixth grade and began several collections shortly after.


Feitl plans to study media informatics and business at Northern Kentucky University.


During college, Feitl plans to return to Summer Seminar and attend the World’s Fair of Money. He also remains active in his local Cincinnati Numismatic Association.


“I also hope to get a decent job someday to allow me to grow my collections,” he said. Feitl currently collects Morgan dollars, Ancient Roman Empire coins, and modern Asian coins.


“Thanks to all who made this scholarship possible,” Feitl said. Once I delved into learning about numismatics, I just kept finding how much more there is to learn. I know most people my age are interested in money to be able to spend it but none who are interested in numismatics. I feel passionate about keeping the interest in the hobby and history of numismatics alive for the next generation so that it is not forgotten.”


Please join the members of RoundTable Trading in congratulating Abigail Zechman and Colin Feitl!


Applications for the 2021 ANA College Scholarship will be available in January. Recipients are selected based on an academic scholarship, numismatic accomplishments, and financial need.


All applicants must be a senior in high school and a member of the American Numismatic Association.


For additional information on the ANA scholarships, contact Rod Gillis via email at or call him at (719) 482-9845.


The American Numismatic Association is a congressionally chartered, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging the study and collection of coins and related items. The ANA helps its 28,000 members and the public discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of educational and outreach programs, as well as its museum, library, publications, and conventions. For more information, call (719) 632-2646 or visit



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