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Previously Unknown HOFer Hughie Jennings T206 Variety Discovered by RoundTable Trading

Bidding already over $6,600 at Memory Lane for unique Jennings Lenox cigarettes brown card discovered in Georgia


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The RoundTable is the largest and most trusted network of dealers in the world. We make it easy to sell and source coins. We are unique in the coin industry as we can shop your coins to hundreds of coin dealers across the nation to find you the very best price. Whether you are looking to sell your collection or looking for a specific coin, submit a request below today.
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From the community by sharing it with them. There’s never been a faster way to see what the market can bare!

A Trading Network Truly Like No Other!

Many other contributors and partners such as NGC, CoinWorld, and Coin-X provide additional services, exclusive opportunity, & benefits to our authorized dealers!

Representing Rarcoa, I have both sold and purchased deals [on] CDHCD. We have yet to have any issues as the group is well vetted.
I have also picked up knowledge from the other members who represent a “who is who” of the coin industry. This forum is fantastic.

J Merrill Petit (RARCOA)

I knew less than half of the dealers I do business with now before CDHCD . I was never a big show guy. This group has definitely changed my business for the better. networking without the shows – was able to get my name out there without all the added expenses/travel/bourse fees etc etc.

Chris Berinato (Coin Superstore)

Rob Oberth, thanks for building the best commercial network I’ve ever seen.” “I literally wouldn’t have survived the year without this platform. Very grateful to Rob Oberth (sic) and everyone who makes it easy to do business here.

John Kraljevich

I was able to do business with several members I had not known before the group and I feel that good vetting is an important component. I also figured out we have plenty of younger dealers in the hobby and many are in the group.

Lyn Knight

RAD has provided an ever-expanding network of professionals and friends.

Frederick Bart

By far the best, and most professional numismatic network I’ve ever been a part of — seeing amazing business growth since joining!

Pete Dodge

RT has done so much to further my visibility and notoriety within the numismatic field. The advancements and strides I’ve made since joining this group have been astronomical. I’ve also made some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for.
Joining is one of the best decisions you could make.

Jordan Miller, Numismatic Financial Corp

Bridging the gap between small town dealers and the larger market guys has always been a struggle. Many of the older dealer to dealer networks did not take the necessary steps in creating a new platform built to keep up with today’s technology. RAD assembled the nation’s top dealers and hard working mod team to create a venue where all, large and small (dealers) can do business. A place where a handshake is the law and a mans word goes a long way. A network where I have been able to expand my business and gain advice and direction from some of the best to ever do it.

Kenny Duncan, US Coin

The RT umbrella: CDH, CDH-Lite, CDHJ, VCS, The Vault have changed the way we do business. Much, much safer than eBay. A great mix of collectors and dealers of all types. The future is here!

Steve Vesely

I joined Round Table in 2017 a few months after opening my first brick and mortar coin shop. Despite being “new” to the business, and a relative unknown, Rob and the RT family of dealers welcomed me with open arms. The doors that have opened for me, the knowledge imparted, and the relationships I have formed have not only reshaped the way I do business but it has helped me grow my business at a rate I previously thought was impossible.

Joseph Stanelun

Round Table has completely revolutionized the way dealers and consumers trade coins online. Prior to RT we were primarily trading coins thru EBay and locally via Craigslist advertisements along with paying hefty sums for Google ads to generate foot traffic to our business. Becoming a Round Table Dealer changed all that – our acquisition source and ability to trade product amongst 900+ dealers across the United States opened up so many avenues and revenue streams; its a wonder why we even have a store at all!Thanks to Round Table our business went from being an underperforming brick and mortar store . . . struggling a few trades a week to a thriving online marketer with thousands of dollars generated daily with hundreds of dealers and customers weekly!Thank you RT and Rob Oberth for helping so many dealers like myself connect and build a successful trading community!

Sean D'Souza

I joined Rountable, perhaps even before it was called by that name . . . . My business is primarily wholesale, and this venue quickly became my primary outlet for selling to other dealers. For over twenty years I depended on CoinNet and CCE as my major outlets, but those sources often added dealers without much in the way of vetting. Less and less I use those sites due to slow payers and no payers. So far, I have experienced very few issues with respect to payment using Roundtable, and I think Rob has done an exceptional job developing this Facebook platform.

Rusty Akin

Being a RAD dealer has helped create a community of dealers that are [there] to have your back. It is not just about finding new dealers to buy & sell from but working with other professionals who are wanting to create relationships & HELP each other succeed. They are willing to share knowledge, brainstorm and work together to help each other grow their individual businesses and to help the coin industry grow as a whole. These are guys and gals who will share their time and talent with others who know they may never see a direct benefit from doing so, but still chose to do so because helping others in the industry helps the industry as a whole.

Michelle Griesbach


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